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Before you celebrate the Gold Rush, read the horrid truth!
Better yet - learn about real contemporary California Indian people!

Original Voices (OV) is a program of the Ink People Center for the Arts. This online exhibit was created in 1999. The site content was written and edited by Chag and Rebecca Lowry. Bill Merkle is the original webmaster. Updates have been conducted by Matt Pearce. Feel free to contact OV at ova@humboldt1.com with comments about our site.
Site last updated on Mon, Nov 25, 2002

All photographs, art work, designs, interviews and text found in this exhibit may not be reproduced without permission. This border design was created by Skip Lowry.
Basket designs may never be reproduced. Copyright Original Voices 1999.

Suggested classroom activities and points of discussion are dispersed throughout the exhibit to enhance the learning experiences of students on an eighth grade level and above. OV asserts that cross-cultural understanding and critical thinking are better developed through structured classroom interactions with other students as well as personal reflection. As your students read through the exhibit,
they will find this design:

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Students should click on this design to be engaged in a group or individual writing activity. Teachers may print out these activities to use as worksheets.

Experience the Original Voices web site :

1.Precontact Culture and Economy
2.Mining Technology / Environmental Impact
3.Human Price of Gold Rush
4.U.S. Government Roles
5.Contemporary Native Culture
6.California Indians at Wounded Knee
7. OV and the Humboldt Arts Council
8. OV and the KEET-TV Living Biographies
9. Discussion board -- tell us what you think

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